Ahoy from Jeff Hall!

I compose music.

These days, most, if not quite all of my music is digitally synthesized. The digital pieces are synthesized from scratch with a very basic synthesis language called Csound written by Barry Vercoe of M.I.T.. I not only compose a score in digital format but also design my own virtual instruments which become the sound sources for the realization of the information in the score. I think of my pieces as "earmovies", scores for imaginary films, or, in other words, scores for the movies that are in your head. That said, I recently found myself describing my work as the auditory equivalent of a "film noir" from a planet in a remote galaxy which long ago turned into interstellar dust.

A recent work, "Earmovie II"
may be purchased
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"Earmovie II" is also available via Amazon.com
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Contact Information:

Jeffrey Hall
15940 W Killarney Ave.
Tucson, Arizona 85736
phone: 520 822-5570

It's always hard for any composer to try to categorize his music
in terms of what an imagined listener might recognize,
since we all want to establish a niche of our own, yet,
I feel most comfortable describing my compositions as the musical equivalent of science fiction.

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